Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It seems like everyone I know took the opportunity to decorate their houses for Christmas this weekend. I love this time of year. Not so much the cold weather, I don't really like to be cold. But truth be told I don't really like the middle of summer either. I like to be "comfortable". :)

Anywho, we started the morning off with a breakfast of Eggnog Pancakes, bacon and eggs. Yum. Unfortunately, their was no bacon to be had for this prego lady, as I am still dealing with this reflux.
Here is a picture of the ingredients, pretty simple. I got the recipe from this website. I did two things different in the recipe. I subbed half of the all purpose flour for wheat flour, and used vegetable oil instead of clarified butter (only cause I didn't feel like messing with the whole butter thing).

Then we unpacked our attic, put up the tree and put up some of the decorations. After lunch the three of us went to a few antique shops. Seems a bit random, but we were looking for a "new" cabinet for the kitchen. We were in luck and stumbled upon a great piece. Thankfully it will hide my unending assortment of cookbooks that were starting to pile up. :)

To fully appreciate this you would have needed to see the metal bakers rack that was here. Isaac will miss his indoor jungle gym.

That afternoon I whipped up a batch of my Great Aunt Babe's Molasses Cookies. I wanted to start a tradition where we would have those family cookies and decorate the tree at night. So, that's what we did! Isaac lasted about 10 minutes. After we ran out of "horsies" to put on the tree he lost interest. That was also about the time the 3 cookies he ate kicked into full gear. He started running around the house and got Daddy to play chase with him. That left me decorating on my own. But I was okay with that. It was nice having the chaos in the background. I love my men being men.


This decorating idea I was pretty stoked about. I bought this dessert stand back around Easter at the World Market. I didn't know what else to do with it other than serve food until I came across this post found on The Nester blog. I'm super excited for what other creative ideas this may hold!

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