Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's in a name

If you haven't heard the news yet we found out last Tuesday that we are having a baby girl! We are so excited. It's such a blessing to think about having one of each,the best of both worlds.

We had tossed around a bunch of names and the day we went to the doctor we still weren't sure. It's kind of funny because after the ultrasound all the names we thought of for a girl went out the window. They just didn't seem right. It's funny because the same thing happened with Isaac. I know you don't see the baby in person but it's like when you see them on that screen they become way more real to you. There is an actual little person in there being formed and fashioned by God.

You can't just throw any old name on that baby. I can't help but always think about Abraham and Sarah in the Old Testament when I think about names. I mean, doesn't it seem like names are really important to God. I believe they speak of who God wants us to become. Abram's name was changed to Abraham which means "father of many nations". Sarai's name which meant quarrelsome or argumentative was changed to Sarah which meant "Princess". Aren't those awesome meanings.

I always think to myself, "I would never want to name my child something that means 'bitterness', or 'despair'. Don't get me wrong, I know God is redemptive and all that, I just want to start our kids out on a positive note if it's in our power. :) And I also know that some people don't feel the same way about this. That's okay, we can still be friends. I'm not trying to throw my convictions on anyone else. However, this is my blog, and after all it is called "Michelle has Thoughts", and well, these are my thoughts on the matter. :)

In any case, back to the matter at hand. All this to say after some searching, praying and looking at meanings we have decided on a name. Just a first name. The middle will come later.

Brielle Dameron. Who we have affectionately been referring to as "Baby Bri" around here.

You want to know the meaning? It means "God is my strength". It's derived from the name Gabriel, you know, like the angel. :)

We also chose it for another reason. The meaning is so appropriate for our family as a whole during this season. You've heard me say before that this past year has been the hardest in our lives. However, we have to look to the good that has been accomplished in it. That good is that God has taught us to rely on Him and His strength. We would never have made it through with out Him.

So, with Isaac which means "He laughs", it was fitting at that time in our lives because it was so happy. There is no experience like having your first child. The excitement, expectation and unknown all wrapped in a beautiful gift.

It was timely for our family, and so our children become living stones. . . testimonies of God's faithfulness and all that He has done and continues to do in our lives. We will name her Brielle because God truly has taught us in this season to rely on His strength.

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  1. I love the name! Congratulations on your soon-to-be sweet girl. We aee so happy for you guys!:)