Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Isaac's Birthday Festivities!

I've got so much I want to update you on and share, but I will have to do it over the next few weeks. For starters, those of you who haven't heard, ISAAC IS GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER! :) That's actually a big reason why I haven't been updating as of late. With my first two pregnancies I felt great morning sick wise but this one has been a completely different story. I have had nausea for the past two weeks pretty much all day everyday. Occasionally, I will get a few hours of a break. But it's pretty difficult dealing with this and keeping Isaac. Blake has done an amazing job helping. He does as much as he can when he's home! He's been so good about helping with Isaac and even doing the dishes! So anyway, we are super excited and I am definitely looking forward to the end of my 1st trimester. . . in about 4-5 weeks! One day at a time :)

Also, this past weekend I went with a group of friends to Durham for the Pure Life Women's Conference. It was a blast. I think they are moving it back to New York next year. We are already trying to plan a road trip for next year! It was so worth it! More to come on that conference in a future post.

Last weekend we had Isaac's birthday party. Lots of food, friends, fun and presents! His actual birthday was today so we did get him a cupcake to celebrate. Here are some pictures from the party and today:The "Bug" cake

Isaac was ready for some "Happy cake"!

Isaac on his birthday. We started a tradition last year where we got him one cupcake from Your Perfect Cake in Greenville. And so the tradition continues this year!

Isaac one year ago!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day Off

Today was our day off. We had a great day. We ate breakfast and then went over to Boyd Lee Park to walk the trails and then let Isaac play on the playground. On our walk we saw a little green snake, Isaac did not hesitate to touch it and then pull it out of his daddy's hand! Laughing all the while (mommy may have screamed a little in the background). :) After, that he got to play with a worm and some big ants. Then he ran down the trail after Vanderbilt emphatically shouting "go , go" and waving his arms at him.

After the park we ran to Sam's and Blockbuster and then went home for lunch. While Isaac was napping Blake and I watched the Firm because neither one of us had seen it before. When there was about 10 minutes left in the movie Isaac started to wake up. We looked in the video monitor and saw he had taken his pants off and was bouncy around like a crazy man in his crib. We should have gone back there then, but we were trying to finish our movie! :) Sooo, when we get back there he is naked from the waist down and his diaper with "poo poo" is on the floor. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as it could have been but it still needed to be cleaned up. Especially the crib bumper he apparently rode as a horsie. . . after the diaper was off I'm guessing. So I did some laundry and Blake got the Clorox wipes out. All is well now.

Every Monday night Blake has class online from 7 to 9 so I was hanging out with Isaac. As I was giving him his bedtime snack I decided to get started on the dishes. He finished, but I wasn't done so I thought "Hmmm, I think I'll just let him play on his own for a bit". Every time I do this I usually ask myself afterward if it was worth it! :)

Granted I know this isn't horrible but the boy was just crazy! I came in the living room and Isaac was jumping up and down on the couch in his diaper like a wild man. This was after he made sure most of the pillows were off the couch. I just had to laugh.

On the bright side the dishes got done and at least one room is clean! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We've been a busy bunch lately. The start of fall with a million football games on the schedule, birthday parties galore, and even a couple of weddings to go to. All that on top of an already busy campus schedule! We are having fun, and I've been sure to take a few naps here and there so I can keep up.
I'm gonna keep this post short and just share some pics from the ECU vs Memphis tailgate. Isaac and I left before the game. He has been a little under the weather with a runny nose and I wanted him to get plenty of rest this afternoon! Tis the season!:)

The Family!

Isaac playing football with Daddy!

Isaac is enamored with the ECU Marching Band. He looooves watching them march and play. Especially the drums. Blake said it's a strong "spirit" he inherited from his mother's high school years and we're gonna have to break it! :) ha ha

I looove this picture! Daddy's and sons are so precious!

Like Father, like Son. This boy is taking the coffee and running! He seriously held this box the whole way home; in his stroller, in the car seat and then walked down our street with it when we got home. He's a peculiar one at times! :)