Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Balloon

As is the case with most toddlers Isaac is not so much a fan of his toys. Sure, he'll play with them, but give him somethings he's "not supposed to have" and he's a happy camper. For example he loves to steal my hairbrush and basically anything from our bathroom cabinets. Give Isaac 10 seconds in the bathroom and he will have a roll of toilet paper all the way undone and on the floor.
On sunday at church they had a bunch of balloons around for our "life group sunday fair". As soon as we walked into church that was the first thing Isaac saw. He was pointing and signing "please, please, please", which basically looks like him rubbing his chest off. He was super excited.
After church Blake got a balloon for him and since then Isaac and the balloon are practically inseperable. I don't know what kind of helium is in this thing but it's still floating and it's been 4 days! It will be a sad day for Isaac when his balloon is gone :)
Isaac trying to get the balloon (Sunday evening)
Also on Sunday. I do realize it looks he is grabbing his crotch, and he may be, that is a recent phenomenon. Boys will be boys!:)
Monday night, helping daddy feed Vanderbilt
My happy camper eatting pancakes Wednesday morning.


  1. This is so cute. Caden loves anything in our bathroom too!

  2. Too cute! I love that kids automatically have this sense of "fun". We think that they should have fun will all the toys we buy them.. but they think "fun" is playing with the box it came in. It just proves that kids are nearly as expensive as we think they are. As Eisley gets older I want to be careful to not buy her things that I think she "needs" when in reality its stuff I want her to have :p

  3. So funny. Caleb entered the balloon phase and anything in the bathroom phase around Isaac's age, and I tell you... not much has changed!