Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Training Day

Since Easter is this weekend I thought it would be fun for Isaac and I to do some Easter activities this week. We started off the afternoon with a practice Easter egg hunt. That's right, practice. We've got a big hunt coming up this weekend at Boyd Lee and we've gotta be ready. Blake and I are thinking maybe two-a-days until Saturday. What do you think? ;)

Just kidding, honestly I wondered if Isaac would even know what to do with an egg and a basket. Surprisingly he did! I told him to put the egg in the basket and he did it over and over. I was shocked, I thought for sure he would get distracted.

So, the egg hunt ended up being a success with Isaac. After that I thought, "Hey, let's dye some eggs!" I know what you're thinking. 'Isaac is 18 months, she can't possibly be serious?!'

Well I wasn't completely naive. I knew I would have to do the dying but I thought maybe he would like to watch. Hahaha, yeah right. He didn't want to watch. It turned into a crying fit because he wanted to touch everything. So, I held him and we did the eggs together. After that they had to dry and it was time for Isaac's nap. Later that evening while we were waiting for dinner to finish cooking I thought Isaac and I could "decorate" the eggs.

I'm not exactly sure what planet I was on when I thought this was a good idea. So, we "decorate" the eggs and it ended in an all out egg-splotion! :) After I got over the "hey, that's not how you do that" I was okay. I saw that he preferred to crush the eggs than to decorate them and if he's happy then I'm happy! Crush on Isaac, crush on.

"Mom seriously? What am I supposed to do with this?"

"Okay, so let me get this straight. I'm not supposed to eat them. . ."

"How bout this, I'll just slam my fists down on them and then poke at the remains?" :)


  1. That is hilarious! Girls and Boys are SO different. Last year, we too dyed eggs and Bella petted them to death because she thought they were pretty!

    Oh, I put raisins in her eggs last year on Easter morning and she was extremely excited about that! Sadly, I am afraid this year she will be looking for candy instead!

  2. Geez! You competitive Damerons and your "practice Easter egg hunts"!! ;) I love the pics of Isaac "coloring" the eggs.

  3. Michelle, this is hilarious! Better luck next year! On the bright side, you boiled them first... :-)