Monday, March 29, 2010

Campus Harvest: One God, All Nations

We just got back from an awesome weekend at our annual college conference, Campus Harvest. The theme this year was One God, All Nations. It was awesome!

Even though we stayed up past one a.m. for almost 3 nights in a row I am pretty energized. It actually kind of felt like a break because Isaac went to visit his grandparents for the weekend. ;) We hadn't been away from Isaac since the fall retreat in september!

The weekend was great. We saw students give theirs lives to Christ, 117 got baptized in water and some responded to a call for ministry (giving a couple years or more to ministry in a full time capacity).

The speakers this year were great as well. As always, I really enjoyed hearing from Lynette Lewis. She spoke on a message she titled "Our Story, His Glory". She shared personal experiences and said sometimes there are 'chapters' in our lives that we wouldn't have chosen, but in that we need to give God glory, and even let his Glory be seen through our story. She also said we need to change our perspective sometimes and span out. Occationally we can get to a point that we look at our lives through a microscope and that doesn't give us an accurate picture of what's happening. Oh my, it was so good. If they put it on podcast I'll put a link on here later. It's definately worth hearing straight from her.

The following is a video I took with my camera during worship Saturday night, pardon the sound quality ;)

Worship was awesome. The speakers were awesome. And the fellowship was definately awesome. I enjoyed hanging out with peeps kid free! I'm so thankful for all that God did in our students lives this weekend!

Blake and me Saturday morning.

When we picked up Isaac he wanted to go next door to the Belton's to visit the horses before we came back to Greenville! That boy loves him an animal!

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