Thursday, March 25, 2010

God don't go to pity parties!

Yes, you read it correctly. "God don't go to pity parties". I thought this to myself as the day progressed.

You see, it has been a relatively busy week gearing up for our annual college conference, Campus Harvest. I'm thinking logistics, trying to get laundry done, pack the house for Isaac and leaving our house in some state of insanity. . . oops I mean sanity.

Also, I really wanted to go to our weekly campus meeting that was tonight to hear Rice Broocks! This was huge that he came to ECU! But, unfortunately there was not a babysitter to be had. I don't blame them, I would totally want to go to. :) My point. . . I wanted to go but couldn't. I guess on the bright side I will get to hear him speak this weekend.

So with that already on my mind I woke up this morning and took Isaac to the doctor. I thought he had allergies because of his runny nose and watery eyes last week but just wanted to get him checked before we left town. So, we go and I find out the poor little guy has his first ear infection and wheezing! I'm am so thankful we caught it when we did because he doesn't seem that bothered by either thing. Today was my first experience with the nebulizer (breathing machine). They should just call it the "Mommy torture machine". Seriously, they had me hold down my 18 month old for FIVE minutes with a mask on his face while he screamed and kicked the whole time. I'm sure people could hear him in the next county. I was most definitely on the verge of tears at the end of that one. So, all that to say we have a lovely little antibiotic and breathing treatment for home. They were nice enough to "give" me the treatment stuff at the office. I'm sure they will be greatly compensated on our next bill. ;)

By mid morning I was in an all out mental pity party. Since I have a child and that does not allow me the luxury of an actual pity party. An actual pity party would consist of a nap, maybe a movie, and definitely some chocolate.

Thankfully, Hannah and I had already scheduled a time to get together with Isaac and Eisley today so that saved me! ha ha :) I had a great time hanging out with them and I think Isaac enjoyed himself very much too!

By lunch I was feeling much better and reminded myself of something Mrs. Irene said at our Lifegroup, "God don't go to pity parties. The only ones there are you and the devil". It's so true. I needed that!

Isaac after his breathing treatment.

Isaac after our trip to the pharmacy. The nice lady gave him a "get well" bear.


  1. MICHELLE!!!! Oh my word, it's like we are seriously walking through the exact same seasons. So weird. That devil ain't gonna win.

    Trick of the trade.... we are all too familiar with breathing treatments (Caleb has had them off and on since he was 5 months-- we've had a nebulizer for awhile now).... anyways, you'll save yourself (and Isaac) a lot of heartache if you don't make him wear the mask!!!!! Seriously, take it off and just put the tube in front of his face. He'll get enough of the albuterol that way. Trust me. Try making him wear his glasses during the treatment so it'll keep the albuterol out of his eyes. And, maybe choose a time when he's partly distracted with something else-- like a favorite TV show, eating, or even drinking a bottle.

    Hope that helps some. Oh, and I think probably Caleb, Eli, and Isaac (how about that for some strong names and little miniature men of God!!!) all had a case of RSV. That causes wheezing and ear infections. Random fact.

    And how about, I'll pray for you each day and you pray for me;) If you haven't already, make sure you read the post I wrote telling about being diagnosed with diabetes. It's titled "overcoming".

    Love ya! Stay strong in the Lord, and I will too.:)

  2. I think Bella had her first breathing treatment about Isaac's age and I made TD go with me and I still cried! She was fine at first and then the crying began and continued to escalate!!!

    If they gave you Albuterol don't be shocked if he is "amped" and can't sleep it made Bella climb the walls!!!