Thursday, May 6, 2010

Date Night

No, not the movie. We went and saw that last week. This week for our date night we decided we wouldn't do a movie so that we could spend more time talking. We went to A'tavola for dinner and then went over to Barnes and Noble to look around and talk.

We went to the cafe area and decided to play a game where we would ask "what if" kind of questions. I went first, "If you couldn't do campus ministry what else would you like to do for a job?" After a laborious few minutes of waiting, and waiting, and waiting longer my husband finally responds. At first he says "could I be a college professor who happens to do campus ministry on the side?"

I said 'no'.

So then, as he puts his hand up to his face he says " well, I don't know . . . that would require me to completely restructure my values of why I do what I do. . ."

I responded "You suck at this game." :)

The next question was from Blake. He asked me if I could go anywhere in the world for a week and had to leave tomorrow where would I go?

I thought about two seconds and responded "Greece"

When I said that he made a comment about Greece being a peninsula or something like that and I laughed at him and told him it was a group of islands. Yeah, that's right, a group of islands. I had myself convinced. This of course turned into a bet and in true Dameron fashion my husband got up from our table to go find information to prove his point.

I'm thinking he will return with a book about Greece since we are in a book store, but no, he comes around the corner into the cafe with none other than a globe! ha ha

And as it turns out Blake was right. Greece is connected to land mass. Dang it, my education failed me again ;) Looks like I will be studying up on my geography! We had a lot of laughs and a great night!

On a side note, while we were at Barnes and Noble I got a book from an author my mom had been telling me about. I'm pretty excited about it.

You may have heard about this book, I know I've seen it around but I never picked it up until tonight. The hard thing about reading books like this is it takes us out of our 'land of ignorance'. In the book Michael Pollan talks about how we as a nation don't really eat products of nature, but products of food science. This author also appears in the documentary Food Inc.

Which I really want to see, but I am kind of nervous because I'm not sure if it will freak me out! :) I am building myself up for this ;) Have any of you seen it? Any thoughts?


  1. Great post Michelle! A) I literally LOL at you tell ing Blake he sucked at that game. B) Next Dameron family Vacay...Greece. That is my all time Buck list vacation spot! C) We should watch Food Inc together, I want to see it something fierce! D) I like the new background!

  2. Catching up on your blog... Happy Belated Birthday! That picture of Isaac throwin' down is hilarious!!!! Also, I have not personally seen Food, Inc. but a bunch of my friends have seen it and said they will never look at food in the same way again. Which is exactly why I haven't watched it. I'm too scared. HA!