Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

Well it's not March Madness in the way you would normally picture it (I'm not an avid sports fan) :)
However,March is a busy month for us, and it's only half over! Or shall I say it's already half over!

This past week ECU had their spring break so I took advantage of Blake being a little more "available". We cleaned out the spare bedroom, made some room for Brielle, painted furniture and moved Isaac to his big boy bed. We also got our taxes done and Blake was able to get some school work done as well. In the middle of the week we went up to Raleigh to take Isaac to the Marbles Kids Museum. He had a blast!

Isaac catching a fish! This was probably the longest he stood still in the 4 hours we were there. He was busy!

Helping Daddy sand his "big boy bed" so we could paint it.

On Wednesday of last week Katie came by and helped me paint a tree on Brielle's wall. I had seen this tree on the Pottery Barn website and loved it. It was a decal, only costing $165 or something like that. Absolutely ridiculous. Katie painted the same tree for $6! That's right! The cost of pink and green paint samples. We had everything else we needed! Katie is an art student at ECU and is a valuable part of our college ministry at ECU, she did such a great job! Thanks Katie!!

At the end of spring break on Saturday I threw Blake a surprise 30th birthday party. We had a few friends over and had a cookout and played corn hole. It was a good time. Happy Birthday Babe, I love you!

It's hard to believe he's 30! :)

And lastly, it seems as though Isaac has just blossomed over the past couple weeks into a "little man"! He is always cracking us up, and of course at times trying our patience. :) Here are some things you might here him say:

"oh no, what happened" usually coming from the other room and not a good sign!

"funny, mommy, funny" says this with a smile on his face when he knows he's not supposed to be doing something.


"Excuse me mommy" and even the unsolicited "please or thank you" at times!

He plays ball with Vandy and tells him "drop it" and when Vandy does Isaac says "Good boy" They have become such good friends. At least once a day Isaac tries to ride Vandy like a "Forsie!!" (Horsie)

When he gets stuck on a phrase or question and you don't catch it the first time you will have at least 15 more opportunities to hear it again because he will repeat it for you.

And lastly, I have found myself saying something I never thought I would this early. . ."Because I said so!" :)

This age has it's trials but it's also so wonderful. I love how much he is becoming his own little person and becoming better at communicating with us!

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