Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Fret My Pet

Lately, for my quiet time in the morning I've been reading in my One Year Bible. This in itself is an accomplishment, simply because I usually don't make it out of January before I fall behind! :) I think this is the third year I have attempted to do the One Year thing. So hopefully I will be able to continue to follow through!

Anyway, I came across a passage in Psalms the other morning that really spoke to me.

Psalm 37:8-9
"Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;
do not fret-it leads only to evil.
For evil men will be cut off, but those
who hope in the Lord will inherit the land."

I knew that 'fret' meant to worry but I looked it up for a further definition.

Fret: to be worried, irritated, agitated about something. To eat or gnaw into; corrode.

I love this Psalm but had never spent much time thinking about these two particular verses. I usually just read right over them not paying much attention to the meaning. I love that "do not fret- it leads only to evil". Repeatedly the Bible gives us verses to not worry. This leads to evil. Why? Probably because when we worry it communicates that we don't trust Jesus or we think we could handle it better than the way Jesus would work it out. OR we doubt that Jesus will come through for us. In any case all roads of worry lead to evil. It's good to be reminded we need to 'hope' in the Lord and when we do we will inherit the land. We don't need to trust in our own abilities or accomplishments, just trust in Him.

Over the past years Blake has said a phrase to me that you've probably heard before: "Don't fret my pet" He says it as a joke when he can see I'm starting to get worked up about something. And so after reading those verses it reminded me of this phrase. Sometimes we just need Jesus to spell it out for us, "Don't fret my pet". Everything's gonna be okay, if you just trust me.

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