Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Isaac's Eye Update

"Now where did I put my glasses?!" "Maybe moms purse. . . "

Some of you have been asking about how things with Isaac's eyes are going so I thought I would update everyone!

We went to the doctor last Wednesday and it seems that his condition has improved a little but they still want to do surgery. Just to give you some back information, they diagnosed Isaac with Strabismus, which is from my understanding a fancy medical work for lazy eye. (Side note, I may say "lazy eye" because I am the mommy, but if anyone else calls it a lazy eye I might open hand slap you to the mouth) just kidding. . . anyhow, they also said he is a little far sighted in one of his eyes, hence the need for glasses.

Anyway, the doctor wants to do surgery to adjust the muscles in the side of the eye to make his left eye look straight (tighten one muscle and loosen the other). The surgery only lasts an hour with one hour of recovery following.

I am thankful that they can provide this surgery but not super happy about my little man having to go under anesthesia for this procedure. Also, Blake will be in Virginia Beach for graduate school work the day Isaac's surgery is scheduled, March 5th. But, thankfully my mom will be coming up the day before to help me with all that! Thanks mom! :)

So, my last thoughts on this are:

1. God can still heal him, we are still praying for a miracle


2. I am thankful that in this day and age they can perform these surgeries at a young age and fix the problem if it comes to that.


  1. Hey! I don't know much about the condition, but I have heard about the surgery and that it's a fairly routine and successful procedure. Caleb has been under real anesthesia once (another time for tubes-- but that was so quick I don't count it)... I was so worked up about it and totally shouldn't have been. God made children so resilient, it's ridiculous. And He's totally in control. Anyways, Isaac will do great!! And, you will too!!

  2. You are such a good Mom! I will be praying for you because I can imagine it's emotional imagining your child having anesthesia. I will be praying for you guys. Love you and please let me know if I can help in any way while Blake is gone.

  3. Following a complication in his circumcision, Asher had to go under general anesthesia at 2 months old, and it was pretty scary emergency situation. It can be so frightening, but I'm sure you already know that that beautiful little man of yours is in the Lord's hands, and He is able to protect him and keep him. Keep your mind stayed on Him and He will give you perfect peace! Will be praying and look forward to hearing what happens.

  4. I just realised his glasses were on his back! ha! Maybe I need glasses!

  5. Michelle, Kim Stokes gave me your blog. My 2 year old daughter, Isabella had this surgery a year ago. They're wanting to do another surgery probably in July. It's very hard to see your child go through it, but it's also wonderful that there are doctors to help. Hang in there. You and Isaac are in my prayers! If you would like to chat, look me up on facebook or e-mail me at